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refreshing exotic and unique

Portage Dry Gin

The intense aroma of guava, enhanced with notes of warm spices and fresh lime.

Balanced and complex. Initially like biting right into a juicy guava, followed by juniper berries to enhance the taste.

Delightfully refreshing with persistent lime and basil.

A uniquely aromatic, and exotic Gin.

Fun and festive when added to cocktails or simply savoured on the rocks

Fresh with notes of exotic fruit

Will help you beat the heat and get into vacation mode

Grapefruit Beach

2 oz. Portage Plage Gin

2 oz. pink grapefruit juice

4 oz. sparkling water

Pink grapefruit wedge


Pour the gin and grapefruit juice over ice in a highball glass. Top up with sparkling water and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

Guava - Lime - Basil

With notes of exotic fruit, this refreshing gin is a lighter version of our classic Portage Dry Gin. Portage Plage will quenching your thirst for adventure.

Guava - Lime - Basil


Aromatic Gin

750 ml

40% alc./vol.


London Dry

750 ml

41% alc./vol.