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Bouteille Rhum Sainte-Marie Bouteille Rhum Sainte-Marie


Sainte-Marie Coconut Rum

Complex and fullbodied with a spicy aroma enhanced by subtle vanilla

Jamaican allspice that crescendos with sweet spices before giving way to stewed fruit

Lingering warmth and flavour ending on pepper and spice

Discover a seductively singular kind of rum

Its distinctive colour comes from cranberries

Molasses is at the basis of its unconventional recipe

Sainte-Marie pays tribute to the old Faubourg à m’lasse

Savour it on-the-rocks or as shots


1.5 oz. Sainte-Marie Rum

4 oz. 1642 ginger beer

3 lime wheels


Combine all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass. Stir with a mixing spoon 20–25 times. Garnish with lime wheels.


2.5 oz. Sainte-Marie Rum

0.5 oz. maple syrup

2 drops Angostura bitters

Orange zest


In old-fashioned glass, combine the rum, maple syrup and the bitter with ice. Stir using a mixing spoon. Add ice and garnish with the orange zest.

Sainte-Marie Milk Punch

2 oz. Sainte-Marie Rum

3 oz. oat milk

Pinch of nutmeg


Combine all ingredients in a glass filled with ice.

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Histoire du produit

A sweet story

Once upon a time, the Imperial Molasses factory released a sweet-smelling aroma over Montreal’s working-class sector of Sainte-Marie. In this portside area, the men tasked with unloading molasses shipments would deliberately drop the last barrel of each load onto the dock. Their wives would swoop in to collect this poor-man’s sugar, which they used for baking or to make contraband alcohol.

A sweet story

Sainte-Marie Rum


750 ml

40% alc./vol.

Sainte-Marie Coconut Rum


750 ml

35% alc./vol.

Sainte-Marie Mojito

Ready-to-drink cocktail

4 x 355 ml

7% alc./vol.