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More flavour, less sugar

Les Îles Aperitif

Fresh orange and grapefruit scents, with subtle vanilla and floral notes

Freshly squeezed orange and bitter orange peel, followed by tropical fruit notes

Sustained and fruity, culminating with silky bitters and a slightly salty taste

Now in grocery and convenience stores

A malt base for a lighter, less sweet taste

Abundant bubbles to make the good times last

Perfectly balanced bitters and citrus

Just add ice to bring out the freshness

New! Malt-based

Our delicious Spritz Les Îles is now available in a malt-based version. With a taste that's a little lighter and less sweet, it's just as delicious and refreshing as the original version. Now available in grocery and convenience stores across the province, making Spritz Les Îles easier to find!

New! Malt-based

Les Îles Aperitif


750 ml

15% alc./vol.

Spritz Les Îles

Ready-to-drink cocktail

4 x 250 ml

7% alc./vol.

Spritz Les Îles – malt

Ready-to-drink cocktail

4 x 355 ml

3.5% alc./vol.