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Canette Mojito Sainte-Marie Canette Mojito Sainte-Marie

Havana through the eyes of Sainte-Marie

Petite bouteille Rhum Sainte-Marie Petite bouteille Rhum Sainte-Marie


Fresh and complex, with notes of mint and citrus

Fresh lime leads the attack, creating a fusion of flavours with the mint

Refreshing, with the lingering taste of mint

The freshest mojito ever

The mojito was popularized in Havana in the 1940s

Sainte-Marie rum offers a distinctively spicy taste

It also lends a pink hue to your cocktails

Tastes like freshly crushed mint and lime

A slight Quebecois accent

Just like Quebec, the Sainte-Marie mojito is a blend of cultures and brings together past and present. With Caribbean roots, this cocktail traces its history back to the bars of Havana in the 1940s. But it also draws complexity from Sainte-Marie rum, which is rooted in the former Molasses District of Montreal. The result is an authentic ready-to-drink mojito with a slight Quebecois accent!

A slight Quebecois accent

Sainte-Marie Mojito

Ready-to-drink cocktail

4 x 355 ml

7% alc./vol.

Sainte-Marie Rum


750 ml

40% alc./vol.

Sainte-Marie Coconut Rum


750 ml

35% alc./vol.